Eclipse Caste

The Eclipse Caste Solar Exalted are most commonly Exalted from bureaucrats, diplomats, and couriers— those who excel at social interaction. Where the other Solars represent mastery over Combat, Performance, Sorcery, and Stealth, the Eclipse Caste Solars are masters of negotiation and deal-making. Where a Dawn Caste might use his sword to defeat an army on the battlefield, an Eclipse will use his mastery of words to defeat a nation in its courts. Within their circles, Eclipses often take the role of the circle’s voice. Their Caste Mark is a golden disc within a ring. Their Anima are brilliant whites and golds that shimmer like the Sun’s corona during an Eclipse.

Caste Abilities


Unique Traits

Eclipse Caste Solars are not able to “cherry pick” from other Charm trees. All a Charm’s prerequisites must be purchased before the desired Charm may be purchased. Solar Mirror Charms may be substituted for their counterparts when learning Abyssal Charms. (See Manual of Exalted Power—Abyssals, pp. 120-121 for more on Mirror Charms.)

When an Eclipse Caste Solar learns a foreign Permanent Charm, they are not required to permanently commit the 2m surcharge for using a foreign Charm.

Should the Eclipse anima power be used to learn a foreign Charm with a Flaw of Invulnerability, the Eclipse must also apply a Solar Flaw of Invulnerability to the Charm when she activates it.

The above also applies to other beings using Eclipse-equivalent powers to activate foreign Charms with a Flaw of Invulnerability, substituting Solar Flaws for native Flaws. Infernals must always add the Imperfection of the Shadow of All Things to non-native perfect defenses.

Eclipse Caste

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