Night Caste

The Night Caste of the Solar Exalted are usually exalted from the best spies, assassins, and thieves Creation has to offer. In the First Age the Night Caste solars served as silent assassins and enforcers of the law, allowing the light of the Sun to shine through even in darkness, and in the Second Age, some Night Castes are returning to this duty. Their Caste Mark is an empty golden ring and their Animas manifest themselves in ghostly whites and golds tinged with grays and violets.

Caste abilities


Unique Traits

Night Caste Solars also have several unique abilities. First, they may mute their Anima by spending extra essence on charms that would otherwise reveal their presence. Second, they can shroud themselves in the dark substance of their unlit Anima for bonuses in Stealth. Finally, they may also obscure their identity in the event that their Anima does flare.

Night Caste

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